Every Child Needs a Right Start in Life

We invest in their potential through

Creative + Caring + [ Spaces ]

Welcome to Right Start!

We provide underprivileged Filipino children opportunities for creativity and development,
because we believe that every child needs a right start in life.

We hope that through our work, each child will reach their full potential and grow to become a positive contribution to society.
We do this by providing creative caring spaces for the poorest children in the community.

Creative Caring Spaces

We provide creative caring spaces
for the poorest children in the community

Volunteer in our Right Start After-School Programs!

We play, we read books, we teach music/dance/sports and we have fun art activities.

Our after-school programs help enhance character development as we provide mentoring and values-formation in this critical stage of our children's lives.





Build and dream with us!

Together, we're creating a future where all children have a chance to succeed.

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