About Right Start

On February 5th of 2011, fifteen people from different fields and backgrounds gathered for one purpose – to establish an organization that would help provide opportunities for children to acquire life skills.

Right Start began as a single idea of providing an actual physical space for a community-based center for children.

The organization known as Right Start Community Development, Inc., or in short, Right Start, is a non-stock, non-profit organization with children’s interests at the heart of its existence.

The Right Start Center is a place for children (4-14 years of age) coming from the marginalized sector of the community. Not taking the place of the schools in the community in terms of its academic duties, the Right Start Center offers an afterschool program where children are given legitimate opportunities for play, creativity and personal development.

We believe:

  • Play is a natural thing for children.
  • Creativity is a way of thinking and a way of life.
  • Personal development where children see and embrace their God-given potential.

Right Start envisions a community of care
where children with their God-given potentials
are empowered to be creative and productive.

We exist to provide opportunities for creativity and productivity
through sustainable afterschool programs in an environment of care.

Our five fundamental Core Values reflect and reinforce our character as an organization and establish expectations relating to how we must treat each other, our volunteers, our partners, our beneficiaries, our children and the communities we serve. These core values promote not just the rights of children but their God-given responsibilities as well to be agents of positive change in their society. Children are not seen as recipients of charity but individuals who hold the key to achieving vibrant and caring communities as well.

1. Love and Service.

Right Start is fueled by its love for God and its resolute commitment to put others first before self.

2. Trust in Individual Potential.

Right Start respects the value of each person’s individuality yet believes in what each can become.

3. Culture of Care

Right Start thrives in a community where everyone is connected and moved by compassion and respect. A culture of care involves initiative, sensitivity to others’ needs/feelings and conscientious action.

4. Faithful Stewardship

Right Start is compelled to make the most of what has been entrusted to us in order to ensure that resources are being utilized properly and responsibly.

5. Collective Leadership

Right Start practices conscious and faithful ownership of tasks and yet recognizes the strength that lies in thinking, working and moving forward as a team.

Creative Caring Spaces

We provide creative caring spaces
for the poorest children in the community

Build and dream with us!

Together, we're creating a future where all children have a chance to succeed.

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